Top Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers

‘Tis the season for gifting! Don’t forget about that special someone in your life. . .and I’m talking about your Graphic Designer! Here’s a list of great gift ideas to show your favorite designer (or aspiring designer) how much they mean to you. Enjoy. . .

Logo Lounge 5 Book

Cover of Logo Lounger # 5

Inspiration is easy to come by with the Logo Lounge series. I’m a huge fan of these books. They’re filled with pages & pages of great logos created by designers all over the world. There are a total of 6 books in this series, with the latest being released in February 2011. Plenty of new & used over at amazon  . . .



Curdbee is a website that allows designers to easily keep track of clients, create estimates and invoices, and receive payment all in one place. Let’s face it, estimates and invoices are a tedious part of being a freelance designer. Curdbee makes these takss simple & painless. Users have the ability to customize their materials with their brand, too. Sign up a designer you know for a GREAT and totally useful holiday gift! There is a free plan with the bare essentialss, or  a professional plan at $5 a month. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CURDBEE . . .

Prisma Pro Marker Set


These smooth feeling markers will surely spark the creativity in any designer! These markers are dual tipped, and are extremely blendable. The results that are achievable are plentiful, and your inner artist will have a blast creating fun illustrations & sketches with these great markers from Berol. Read more about these nice markers HERE


Designers love fonts. However, some of the best aren’t free. Why not purchase some fonts for the designer in your life? Give the gift of sweet typography this holiday season!

Here are some awesome font houses:

Or check out the gift certificate packages over at

Machine Wash (Photoshop Filters)

Machine Wash Settings

Mister Retro makes some incredible filters for photoshop that can add texture, age and weathering to any image or design. This is an awesome tool for any graphic designer! There are several volumes to choose from, each with different cool effects to apply to your artwork. Learn more about this awesome set of Photoshop filters HERE.

Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet

Wacom Tablet

These things are great. For the artist inside your designer, Wacom Tablets offer a liberating experience on the computer. Having a tablet can drastically improve production times when it comes to working in Photoshop, or sketching in Illustrator. This particular tablet works nicely with the wide monitors that most graphic artists are using nowadays. Read some more reviews on the Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet HERE

Executive Chair with 5-Motor Massage

Massaging Office Executive Chair

Graphic Designers spend an insane amount of time sitting on their bum in chairs. Spoil your favorite GD with this kooshy massaging office chair! This massaging chair will certainly make those stressful deadlines seem to melt away :-). Click here for some more information on this chair.

Drip Dot Swirl: 94 Incredible Patterns for Design and Illustration

Illustrative Designer Von Glitschka has put out this amazing book of patterns. Von has been pumping out awesome stuff like this for years. Be sure to check his sites out at and to grab his amazing book of patterns. Be sure to check his sites out at and

Moleskine Large Sketch Book

mole skin sketchbook

You can’t go wrong with a Moleskin. These babies last forever, and the elegant feel can really inspire some wonderful creativity. They come in all shapes & sizes, colors, and are a perfect stocking stuffer for your Graphic Artist! Don’t be surprised to see your Designer carrying this with them everywhere they go! Grab one HERE.

Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

Cannon Cano Scan 9000F

A crown jewel of any Designer’s arsenal is the scanner. These workhorses can be used for anything from scanning photos, sketch ideas, or slides to OCR text scanning or converting piles of paper documents into PDF files. Put a smile on your designer’s face by giving them a sweet scanning machine! CLICK HERE for more details.

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