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Tim Murray New Sabres GM

regier plus swanson equals murray

It looks like Pat LaFontaine has found his GM, and it’s Tim Murray. Murray comes from the Ottawa Senators, where he was an assistant GM. Really, I don’t have an opinion on this hiring really. I just hope Murray is aggressive, and not afraid to make a bold move here & there. Ottawa has a good stable of young players, who up until this year performed excellently. If I’m Murray, I’d sign Ryan Miller & Steve Ott to some nice extensions as my first orders of business. Then I would remove the interim tag off of Ted Nolan, and attempt to lure Benoit Hogue out of retirement. If Hogue doesn’t want to come back to be the #1 Center the Sabres desperately need, I’d turn my efforts towards Dave Snuggerud. Snuggerud would cost a mint, but I could then use him as a bargaining chip to acquire Sidney Crosby from the Pens. Pittsburgh is really in the market for a defensive minded forward with a great mullet, and Snugerrud is an all-time league leader in Mullet Corsi. Then, with Crosby in the fold, I’d bump up Ellis & Porter to play as his wings, and watch the Stanley Cups roll in. After each cup winning victory, I’d arrange to have Cotton Eye Joe blare on repeat until everyone got to hoist the cup. Get to work, Murray.

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