My Top 3 Tips for Finding Vector Logos

Picture this: It’s 4:45 on a Wednesday. You’ve got a flyer that needs to be printed by morning for your client’s big event. AND. . .they forgot to provide you with a vector logo for one of the event’s main sponsor. It’s late, and everyone’s gone home for the day. It’s up to you to track this logo down. Here’s what I do:

wychwood brewery

1) Check
If it’s a big corporate logo, there’s usually something usable on BOTW. There’s some other similar sites too, like or

2) If it’s more of a local company, you probably wont find them on a site like brandsoftheworld. Do a google search for the company name + .pdf. Many times, companies post their newsletters online. If you open the PDF in Illustrator, you might be able to find a nice crispy vector version of the logo inside. You might have to perform a bit of surgery to get it out from underneath masks and groupings, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

You can also try a Google search for the company name, or .eps

3) If you can’t find anything, try your hand at recreating the logo. To do this, you’ll need at least a low-res version of the logo to work off of, which most likely can be found online. Sure, there’s always Illustrator’s ‘Live Trace’ function, but that often leads to shabby quality depending on what kind of image you’re starting off with. A tool like whatthefont can really speed up font identification if you’re stuck. I’ve also used with mixed results.

What are some of your ideas for coming up with vector logos in a pinch?

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