The Sabres have made it into the postseason! To celebrate, I made this Gerbe graphic that I’ve been wanting to make. For old school NES fans, you’ll recognize the inspiration.

Nathan Gerbe Ice Hockey

Overall, I’ve grown to really like this Sabres team. While last year’s squad was a division winner, they didn’t show the guts and grit that the Sabres of 2010-2011 have shown. Nathan Gerbe has emerged as a team leader, and inspiration to watch. He was one of our better forwards last year in the first round loss to Boston, but it looked grim for him at the beginning of this season. Thank God the team stuck with him, and Nathan has shown Buffalo that he’s the kind of player we have been waiting to root for since they switched from red jerseys. Gerbe reminds me a little bit of Donald Audette in a way. He’s small, feisty and has one hell of a shot. That empty net goal he scored versus Montreal pretty much tells us all we need to know about his work ethic, and desire to win.

Speaking of a desire to win, Thomas Vanek has been wearing it on his sleeve. I’ve always bristled when people have called him lazy. He’s becoming a superstar in front of our very eyes. With the added ice time & responsibility, he’s become the Sabres Optimus Prime. The guy has been making plays everywhere on the ice, and his passes tonight against Philadelphia were laser-sharp. It would be a travesty if Vanek is not named the Captain of the Sabres for years to come.

Can’t wait until the playoffs! Go Sabres.


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