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Terry Pegula Rides Into Buffalo

Terry Pegula

So, ever since I’ve heard about the rumored (and now official) Buffalo Sabres sale, I have had this image in my mind of Terry Pegula riding into town on a Buffalo. Sure, he’s got some detractors out there, but as a Sabres fan, this guy sounds like a dream come true. While I’m appreciative of what the Golisano regime did for our city, I can’t believe we are going to be blessed with a fella with such deep pockets, and an equally great passion for the team. Continue Reading

Top Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers

‘Tis the season for gifting! Don’t forget about that special someone in your life. . .and I’m talking about your Graphic Designer! Here’s a list of great gift ideas to show your favorite designer (or aspiring designer) how much they mean to you. Enjoy. . . Continue Reading

My Top 3 Tips for Finding Vector Logos

Picture this: It’s 4:45 on a Wednesday. You’ve got a flyer that needs to be printed by morning for your client’s big event. AND. . .they forgot to provide you with a vector logo for one of the event’s main sponsor. It’s late, and everyone’s gone home for the day. It’s up to you to… Continue Reading

Is your PDF file too big?

Is your PDF too big to email? Maybe you’ve got a large catalog or newsletter that you just can’t squeeze down into a size to post on your client’s website. Have no fear! Here are some things you can try. – Double check your PDF settings in your Quark/Indesign export options. If you are using… Continue Reading