Terry Pegula New Buffalo Sabres Owner

Well, I’m officially excited. It’s 2:30am on what folks are calling ‘Pegula Day’. I have been refreshing twitter all night, and reading any news articles I can get my hands on. When I ran out of stuff to read, I decided to whoop up this new graphic as a play on the Shepard Fairey Obama graphic. The Buffalo Sabres ownership now lies in the hands of the Pegulas. In only a few more hours, all of Buffalo will finally get to meet the man who’s had the town buzzing for the past 3 months. It couldn’t come at a better time. I’m happy this sale went so smoothly, and that it was during the season. I can’t imagine it being this interesting if it were to have taken place in the offseason. We’ve got a playoff race, a trade deadline that’s a week away, and now a brand new leader that seems to like using the words ‘Stanley Cup’ on a consistent basis. Here’s to hope, and a new era of Buffalo Sabres hockey!

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